• Aerial
  • Underground
  • Fiber Optics
  • New Build
  • Rebuild/Retro
  • Bridge & Water Way
  • Conduit/Duct Installation & Repair

CWSI maintains 6 fulltime in-house Aerial Crews all completely outfitted with heavy duty bucket trucks and ample equipment and tools. Our ability to respond to outages relating to downed plant and fiber optic lines, is unparalleled in South Florida.

OUR CONSTRUCTION GROUP has an excellent track record. We are a reliable resource that can be counted on to repair facilities after pole strikes, storm damage as well as completing major construction projects.

Underground Construction has been CWSI’s forte since the late 1990’s. With the ability to manage all types of underground construction application required, we are a much sought after resource.

From Span Replacements to Bridge Attachments, CWSI can complete any project of regardless of scope or size. Our heavy equipment inventory sets us apart from many of our competitors; We are a proven force when it comes tom emergency restoration, day or night.

CWSI is a soft dig specialist, with the necessary equipment to reveal and then protect existing buried facilities as well as our client’s reputation.